Our grounds maintenance teams will keep your grounds looking stunning all year round.

Litter Picking

Having immaculate lawns and hedges can all be for nothing if there are crisp packets and drinks bottles creating an eyesore. Our litter picking service ensures that your grounds stay litter free.


We can work with you to create beautiful areas of planting from plant beds and borders to shrubs and trees. We also provide ongoing care services such as watering and formative pruning.


A well looked after hedge can have a striking impact. We can trim your hedges to your desired shape, reduce or remove hedges as well as laying new ones.

Weed Control

Weeds can spoil the aesthetics of an outdoor area very quickly. We can keep your grounds looking great by removing weeds before they have time to become entrenched and keep on top of them thereafter.

Lawn Care

We can maintain your lawns in

a number of ways from mowing and strimming, to fertilising, weed treatment and lawn edging.

Leaf Removal

In addition to being unsightly dead leaves can present a slip hazard in the autumn and winter. We will remove all leaves and dispose of the waste.