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Leaf Removal

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The beauty of the changing colours of autumn with fallen leaves is quite the fairy tale but without proper management it can soon turn into a nightmare of slippery surfaces and damaged lawns. 

From homeowners to commercial businesses, paths and other surfaces need vital care and attention to prevent hazards occurring.


Once leaves have settled, a lawn can be starved of sunlight and create unsightly patches. On paths and driveways, leaves will soon turn to mulch and create areas prone to slippage and uneven ground.

 We also recognize that leaves can be a vital source of nitrogen which is perfect for composting. If you would like us to add to your own garden compost just let us know and we are happy to help.

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Our leaf clearing services are available all year round but especially through the autumn and winter months as one off jobs or regular visits. 

The Grounds maintenance team will assess the area in need of attention, clear any hazardous leaves and mulch and ensure that everything cleared is reused in the most environmentally sustainable way 

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