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Calling all parents! The Easter holidays don't have to be a chore. Let us keep your home clean!

Updated: May 9, 2023

So here comes another school holiday with opportunity to kick back and relax with our families. But as much as we love our little ones being able to play at home, we are all too aware that it takes just 30 seconds to create a mess that gives us a 3 hour cleaning task. If there any 2 year olds out there who love "messy play" please know that your family love you very much but lets go easy on the cornflour and food colouring on the kitchen table until the pro cleaners are able to swoop in and give mum and dad a coffee break.

So to the wonderful parents of east Sussex, we at Chameleon are here to remind you that help is never too far away. We understand that cleaning may be the stress that you could do without and that's why we offer our services for "one off cleans" and "weekly sparkles", "kitchen deep cleans" and a range of other services throughout the Easter break. So you can now concentrate on quality time with your little ones. Whether it's going out for a walk, playing board games, or simply relaxing together, having more time to bond as a family can strengthen relationships and improve overall well-being.

Child making a mess in the kitchen

So here's the facts - working parents in the UK face a daily struggle of balancing their professional commitments with the demands of raising children. With both parents working in 68% of UK families with children, keeping the house clean and tidy can become a daunting task. We are finding recently, that more and more parents are requesting our weekly cleans to help them manage their busy lives and maintain a clean and organised home.

Living in a cluttered and dirty environment can have a significant impact on mental and physical well-being. The stress and anxiety caused by a messy house can lead to any number of health issues, while a clean and organised home promotes focus, productivity, emotional wellbeing and opportunity for recreation. Children, in particular, thrive in a clean and structured environment, which can help to promote healthy habits and a positive attitude towards household chores.

We know that being a working parent is a challenging task, and cleaning the house can be an overwhelming extra. We know personally that when the children have finally had they're bedtime story and are off to bed, us exhausted mums, dads and grandparents just want to collapse on the sofa for a good movie and hot chocolate.

Tired parents sat on the couch in messy room

The Chameleon team have the expertise, tools, and equipment to clean your home thoroughly and provide a high standard of cleaning than most parents have been overjoyed to witness. We can clean hard-to-reach areas, eliminate tough stains, and provide deep cleaning that can improve the air quality and overall health of the home.

Another benefit of hiring a weekly cleaning service is the flexibility it provides. Our services can be customised to meet the specific needs of each household, with parents able to choose the frequency, time, and areas to be cleaned according to their schedules and preferences. This means that the home is always clean and tidy, regardless of how busy the family's schedule is.

Professional cleaner who cleans the kitchen with a child

Chameleon Services can help working parents to save time, reduce stress, and maintain a clean and organised home. With the benefits of more time for family, professional cleaning and customised cleaning plans, it's worth considering giving us a ring or simply contact us via email to make life a little easier for the Easter holidays. So from all of us here at Chameleon, we wish you a very happy holiday break and lets get working together so your homes can sparkle even with the most messy of playtimes!

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10 mai 2023
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Love this! And its very true to say time is golden and i really dont want to spend it scrubbing! Will have a look at the services!

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